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The 26 marketing insights for 2017*


Gastblogger | 28 december 2016, 10:00. Tijdschrift voor Marketing.

Roland van Kralingen wijst u de weg in het nieuwe jaar :


1. It’s not about promising, it’s about delivering.


2. It’s not about brand communication , it’s about brand theatre.


3. It’s not about benchmarks, it’s about being different.


4. It’s not about shareholdersvalue, it’s about consumer, society and employee


5. It’s not about creative hot shops, brand consultants and media buyers, it’s about
the integration of these disciplines.


6. It’s not about big data , it’s about big insights.


7. It’s not about brand image, it’s about brand experience.


8. It’s not about 5 or more brand values, it’s about one core value.


9. It’s not only about precision marketing, it’s also about big advertising ideas.


10. It’s not about needs, it’s about aspirations


11. It’s not about being different, it’s about being different and relevant.


12. It’s not about being cool, it’s about being connected


13. It’s not about possession, it’s about accessibility


14. It’s not about rules, it’s about inspiration


15. It’s not about MVO, it’s about Maatschappelijk Verantwoorde Marketing (MVM)
to begin with.


16. It’s not about opportunity to see, it’s about opportunity to experience.


17. It’s not about selling, it’s about inspiring.


18. It’s not about strategy, it’s about flexibility.


19. It’s not about text, it’s about video.


20. It’s not about managing a company, it’s about creating and innovating value.


21. It’s not about positioning, it’s about identity in the first place.


22. It’s no about ad blocks, it’s about poor creativity


23. It’s not about the CMO, it’s about the integration between the CMO and the


24. It’s not about brand strategy, it’s about being a busy brand


25. It’s not about being clever, it’s about being sensitive.


26. It’s not about marketing, it's about partnering.


* Sorry voor het Engels, maar het “ritme” is zoveel beter dan in het Nederlands.


Roland van Kralingen.

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